First Goal

Do a complete decluttering of all things Kon Marie style and no stopping or skipping/switching tasks until it’s done; in essence: get things done!

This post is a reminder to myself, so don’t mind me reader.

April 2019

“Every time you take one path, you must live with the memory of the other: of a life left unchosen. Decide as seems best, one course or the other; each way will have its bitter with its sweet.”

~Morozko the Winter King from Katherine Arden’s second book in the Winternight trilogy, “The Girl In the Tower”

Dream March 26, 2019

I like remembering dreams sometimes. I thought the dream I had last night was quite worth remembering. In the dream I was off on vacation with my family and it was almost like a bed and breakfast sort of place that I went to. I was exploring the property and found a barn with a horse close to escaping the stall, she was a dark brown horse and for some reason I could understand her. She wanted me to go to her foals and pointed me in the right direction. She wanted me to save them and as I was leaving the stall another voice whispered to me “It’s too late”. I didn’t understand what the voice had meant. When I went to where she wanted me to go I found her four foals, they had the same coat as their mother, and I saw that they were stuck in the mud and unable to break free. I helped pull the first two out, the third seemed tired, but came out as well. The last was deeply covered in mud but I could still hear it breathing. I went to the last foal to try to save it as well, but then woke up at this point. I think that this is the first time I’ve dreamed of horses.


I’m writing this post to say that for now I won’t be doing the weekly disinfecting bit. It’s given me a feeling of restriction, it’s not to say that I may not continue with such posts. It might also mean that I might delete the weekly disinfecting posts at some point in time so that I don’t even need to think about it, but I’m just putting this out there.

I’m also going to start working on something else for myself outside of this blog, which might mean that I’ll have a little less time to dedicate to writing here. I intend to keep my blog, but there’s a chance that I may be less active on it, we shall see.

Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect

Week 4:

Kitchen: Lunch Boxes

This weeks’ selection of areas to disinfect is a pretty boring one of lunch boxes/bags, but it’s just a task as are all the others, but it’s also the last item in the kitchen category, the next area to tackle will be restrooms which will be coming up in the next few weeks items. For the lunch boxes and bags I normally wash them with soap and hot water and then a wipe with disinfecting wipes. For that matter I’m adding in reusable water bottles to my disinfecting list of items and you can feel free to disinfect these items as well or not depending on what you prefer.

Link to the post with information about the purpose of this weekly calendar of areas to disinfect: Starting a Little Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect.

Mini Miracle Morning

imageI’m basing this post off of Hal Erod’s concept of the “Miracle Morning” entailing six steps to get the most out of one’s day on the basis of starting off on the best foot possible first thing in the morning.

There’s an acronym that’s used in order to remember what these six steps are and it is: SAVERS







I feel like for myself affirmations and scribing come almost second nature. I have a board in my room where I have an affirmation at any given point in time and it changes with my mood, at this point in time it says “Start before you’re ready”. Also with regard to scribing I having notebooks lying about every which way and this blog is almost simply another extension of this. The only issue with the “Miracle Morning” bit is that these activities aren’t necessarily isolated to mornings for myself.

As for the remainder of the acronym the reason why I’ve entitled this post a “Mini Miracle Morning” is because I’m only considering adopting two more of the six as of now. Those being: reading and exercise, reading I do often enough, but I don’t necessarily start off my day doing so and as for exercise I’m definitely slacking in this department.

As for the last two of the six, perhaps I have to learn them still or perhaps they’re already second nature? I’m not sure which is more true, after all my whole life seems to be me jumping back and forth between reality and daydreams (would this count as my visualization?) and I’m told so often by so many people that I’m very calm perhaps I already seek out enough of this silence to find general peace? Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding his point as I’ve not read his book, but if you’d like a quick visual of the gist of his concept this post has a nice visual of it: Start Your Day Off Right with the SAVERS Morning Routine.


Finding a Locus of Control

This will be my attempt to vie for a small sum of my own sanity, that part of my sanity mainly applying to the state and order of our house at this moment in time.

You see our house is often messy and in most instances I’m the one making an effort to keep it orderly and clean, but that leaves me with little time to do all the others things I wish to do, between being one of the main caretakers to an elementary aged sister and working about 13 hour night shifts full time.

I’ve circled back around to an old but forgotten state of mind: to focus on my own space and simply maintain a bare minimum of the remaining spaces.

Kon Marie for one promotes the idea of focusing on ones owns space and reaching full and complete order within that space. So my idea is to follow her advice and a little of my own by doing the basic 4 essentials of housework: laundry, dishes, floor, and trash. This is with the hope of making progress and having time for other things, as well as to escape some of my own personal neuroticism.

Hopefully this won’t be to difficult to stick to and hopefully it will serve to aid me, because these things are mostly within my own locus of control so I won’t have to look too far outside of myself to find some inkling of sanity.

I should not expect more than this minimum from myself with regard to housework, that sort of stress isn’t necessary. I need to accept imperfection from myself and from life because in order to get more out of other aspects of life I need to give a little from other parts. The house can be imperfect, good is good enough, don’t get swept away by the internal current of over-expectation. Remember just the basics and don’t forget: Aim for you’re own spaces to be at 100%, but the shared spaces only require the standard four tasks, after those are taken care of your time is yours to spend as you wish.

There is Beauty in Action

My earliest inkling of this notion was in high school when I needed that little pick-me-up, to kick-start my motivation a bit and in that time a small voice in my head thought to advise me to Just do it! So when that thought floated through my mind I wrote it down on my white board as a little reminder to myself to remember to take action and it worked for quite some time. Of course I later realized that this was already a widely used slogan by Nike and so I started to distance myself a little from this phrase as it started to feel more like some bit of propaganda rather than a motivational mantra, but I always sought out some other sorts of concepts like it to hold its place.

As of late two things catch my attention in much the same way.

The first is the concept of Eat That Frog”. The concept first came from Mark Twain who said, “If your job is to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first”. I found an article that I liked that expands more on this titled: Mark Cuban wakes up every morning at 6:30—here’s the first thing he does. Mark Cuban from shark tank applies this thought process to his actions each day stating that: “Whatever the stressful things are, I try to get those out of the way in the morning”. To go even further with this concept Brian Tracy also wrote a Book titled Eat That Frog and covers this idea in that book also.

For the second concept that I liken to the Just do it! state of mind is to: “Start Before You’re Ready”, which I heard from Marie Forleo and is actually my favorite of these three concepts at the moment because it’s a definite call to action and makes me feel more like I’m called to not only my big goal for a day, but somehow makes me feel more drawn to my bigger life goals as well.

Sometimes it can be hard to gain momentum or to stop procrastinating, but when one is open to the notion it’s very clear to see that there is great beauty in action.