The Right Amount of Items on To Do Lists

I am very much a sucker for making lists: grocery lists, to do lists, goals lists, etc. More than anything though, to do lists and I’ve noticed that lately I haven’t been as effective as I normally am. I feel in part I’m simply tired and may be in a little slump, but I imagine it’s likely more than just a matter of these things.

I believe the problem lies not in the list itself, but rather the way I’ve been making my lists. They are much too extensive. A little constant progress is far better than short little fizzling spurts of energy. My overly extensive list though often doable require too much energy and may also be too aimless.

I’ve heard before the lists should be only of three things, I probably list five times that amount and possibly more. Now, I think I should adopt something close to, but not quite the same as the advice given. I believe that perhaps from now on my lists should contain about five items. Enough to make it feel like I’m doing more since the number is greater than three, but also short enough to likely not get me to fizzle.

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