Expectations for a Rather Boring Coming Year

What I mean by “boring,” is feeling like I’m making very little progress in the next year or two, but it is with the intention of laying the groundwork for a less “boring” future.

My intention for this next year or two is to simply work and save money and do the mundane day to day living as anyone else would.

My purpose for saving my money is so that I can buy a car in the next year since from all appearances it seems like my present car is nearly ready to retire. Having a new car will ease my mind and give me a sense of security that I have a reliable source of transportation for when I decide to return to school and continue to work as a nurse while I do so. Additionally I’m leaning towards buying a Prius because I won’t feel quite as guilty while I drive around if the car that I’m driving is less polluting than most other cars.

The reason why I plan to have two boring years rather than one is because in that first year I plan on buying a car and in the second I plan on saving some extra cash as a little cushion for myself, an emergency fund of sorts, since I want to return to school and can best picture myself doing so if I’m working part time.

Besides I imagine management at work would potentially take more kindly to my request to being part time if I’ve already put in a good deal of time to working for the company prior to my making such a request.

In a sense I guess I see this coming year as a way for me to get all my ducks in order, as a way of laying the groundwork for other things I’d like to do and alas doing so may feel to me a rather boring enterprise, but all good things take time and more can be got for those who wait.

I’ve edited this post on 12-25-18 and I’ll also add the following note at this time: I’ll likely not follow through on this original plan for the next boring year or two (I may not even follow through on buying a car). I feel time is too precious to wait on some important matters. I may not even ask to be part time, but I may at least ask to work 6 days instead of 7 each pay period and I may start school online at WGU. I might even postpone car-buying if home-buying might be feasible. It’s all up in the air at this moment in time, but hopefully when the dust settles I’ll have made some good decisions for myself…

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