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Book Review of Uprooted by Naomi Novik

IMG_1812.jpgAutumn Wood’s late fall book recommendation.

I’m a little nervous about writing a book review because if I make a review of any books it must be because I like them and I could only hope to be able to give them some due justice; I likely won’t bother with a review of any books unless I either love the book or find it very useful. I don’t want to write about books otherwise. So if you ever find me reviewing a book I probably enjoyed reading it a great deal or found it quite useful.

Uprooted is in the really really enjoyed it, loved it category. I must say though that I read this book about a year ago, but it’s also how I came across a more recent book I read that I’ll review at a later time.

Reader I don’t know what your tastes in books are, so I have no idea if you’ll love the same books that I do, so if you end up disappointed with the way I make Uprooted sound to you or if you read it and it doesn’t meet your expectations then I apologize ahead of time for your wasted time, but reading this book wasn’t a waste of my time.

I’ll get on with the review now.

Hopefully I’ll have a strong enough of a remembrance of the book. I’m not saying I don’t remember it well necessarily, but it may not be fresh enough in my system for as good of a review as I’d like to give you. When I read this book I lived in it, I was looking at my own world through rose colored Uprooted glasses.

One of the reasons why I like this book is because it’s a fantasy book that involves magical powers and at this point in my life when I came across this book I was craving for the fantasy genre and this hit just the right spot.

What was very different about this book from other books I’d read in the past though was that it was the first book I’ve read with a Russian setting other than one children’s book from elementary school which I don’t count.

I don’t feel interested in revealing too much though because I enjoyed letting the story unfold for myself as I read and don’t want to take that from you if you end up choosing to read this book. I’ll just say a few things about it. The protagonist is Agnieszka who you get to see develop more as a character through the course of the book, there is a “dragon” in this story as well, and the villain of this story is the woods (one of the most interesting concepts to me of the story since the woods is it’s own entity that is trying to envelop the world around it in darkness). Overall it’s simply an enjoyable rollercoaster ride of a book with a setting that I didn’t ever want to leave. Anyhow, happy readings reader. I’ll be posting a new book review up soon.

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