Weekly Disinfecting

Starting a Little Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect

I’m basing the weekly tasks off of the list that I had posted before (link here), which I based on another article The Nine Dirtiest Spots in Your Home. This is as much for myself as for you reader, I’ll just try to post a weekly task to be disinfected around the home with the purpose of lessening the amount of germs hanging around the home so that hopefully all our families would in turn suffer from less sick days as a byproduct of the disinfecting routine. I know that the blogger Fly Lady does something similar but with weekly/daily cleaning tasks, mine will rather focus on keeping the most germy areas of the home a little less germy.

The purpose of it being weekly is because we all have different schedules and having a weekly schedule makes it easier to fit in a time for the task in a way that suits each of us.

Week 1:

Kitchen: Dish sponges/rags/bushes, cutting boards, and the kitchen sink

How I might go about this task: start with a general scrub/wipe-down/rinse of the kitchen sink, then boil up some hot water. Plug the sink with the stopper to hold the boiled water, pour a small amount of bleach for disinfecting, add the sponges, rags, and brushes to the water to allow them to be disinfected as well. After the water has had a moment to cool down, let the water empty back down the drain and do a second scrub/wipe-down/rinse of the sink with the use of the cleaned kitchen brushes, a little dish soap, and water. Last, plug and refill the sink once more with hot water, a little soap, and a small capful of bleach (alternatively can pour some lemon juice and/or vinegar if you want to go a more green/eco friendly route) then soak all the cutting boards in this mixture as long as desired, let the sink empty, rinse the boards and the disinfected area for the week is done.


I meant for the first week to be started on the Sunday that’s coming up, but I wanted to put this post up early for the purpose of being able to use it as a link when I post the rest of the disinfecting areas in the weeks to come.

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