I didn’t know what to expect when I started this blog, but like a little plant sprout that’s starting to take some form, I’m starting to see some of its attributes. Now I can see that it has helped me to organize myself better and my thoughts. Before I would have scattered notes on numerous scraps of paper and notebooks, I still do, but this helps to keep a good chunk of things organized and tucked away in one place. I even imagined recently as I’m rather young that if I ever had children or other similar such younglings they could look back at me as a less experienced youth to becoming whatever I happened to become at some future time with this blog serving as a sort of log of my progress. Also, it could serve as a place where I collect recipes, information, and little tips one matters like housework, where once I reach my grandma age rather than my currently relatively youngling age, any potentially worthwhile advice or recipes along the way will be safely tucked away in this easy to access place of Autumn’s Woods.

I’m a rather goal oriented person though I often reevaluate my goals and change my plans from A to B to A to C and what not…I’m sure I’ll continue on in this same manner.

As for my short term goals they include: maintaining job security, taking good care of myself and my family, working on a children’s book, and saving for a basic emergency fund as well as saving for a new car.

As for my middle-of-the-road goals they include: saving for a down payment for a house, eventually working part-time and getting my finances in good order in order to manage my expenses on that change of salary, starting and completing all of my educational endeavors (going from ASN to BSN to MSN and getting an additional bachelors degree in Environmental Science), and maintaining my family and I’s general best interests along the way.

For my longest term goals: I hope to live a much more eco conscious lifestyle, have a good work life balance, help to raise my sister well and my own children (if I happened to have any), and live a simple life closer to nature and be able to be a good deal more self-sufficient on simple day-to-day matters.