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Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect

Week 3:

Kitchen: General Kitchen Surfaces

This week will consist of a simple basic list of rather easy areas around the kitchen to disinfect and that would likely be sufficiently disinfected by just using antibacterial wipes:

  1. Kitchen counters
  2. Stove knobs
  3. Microwave handles
  4. Refrigerator handles

Link to the post with information about the purpose of this weekly calendar of areas to disinfect: Starting a Little Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect.



First Goal

Do a complete decluttering of all things Kon Marie style and no stopping or skipping/switching tasks until it’s done; in essence: get things done!

This post is a reminder to myself, so don’t mind me reader.

Book Review of Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

IMG_1813.jpgI always feel hesitant to write reviews on my favorite books because I feel like I won’t do them the justice that they deserve, but I feel like trying is still better than not doing it at all. I’ve decided to review this book at this point in time once again to write the review within season, since this book has very much a winter setting to it.

Spinning Silver is just as good as Uprooted to me. Each book is great in its own unique way and each book is a stand alone book with roots in Russian fairy tales. Spinning Silver in particular is a sort of a modern day retelling of the story of Rumplestiltskin. I’m not interested in giving away too much of its plot line, if you happen to want to read this book I want you to be able to savor it and let it unfold for yourself.

What I’d rather do is tell you some of the things that I enjoyed about reading this book:

1.) There are many strong leading female characters that are self-reliant, intelligent, and that don’t rely solely on beauty to carry them through life.

2.) There is a very interesting abandoned house in the story where a witch (quite likely Baba Yaga) once lived and it is almost a character in and of itself. What makes this house so interesting to me is that two people can be staying at the house simultaneously and never notice each other’s presence save for little things being changed around the house: some eaten food here, some new foods there, some sewing completed more than the last time it was picked up by a character, or a chair moved from its prior place the night before, strange little things as these. I loved this concept from the book and probably could sit and read a book all about a house like this.

3.) I love that the character Miryem was able to harden herself and enable herself to pull her family out of poverty as well as improve their overall situation and find creative ways all along the book to get herself out of a difficult situations.

4.) There are many cozy little touches in the book of warm food and gathering beside the fireside that make me want to dive right into the winter world that Naomi Novik painted for her readers.

5.) I know there are many more things, but I’m not trying to give too much away and maybe I’m even simply forgetting some of the other things that I loved about this book, but either way I think I’ll stop here in my review.

And with whatever books you happen to decide to pick up and read, happy readings fellow readers.

Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect

Week 2:

Kitchen: Coffee Maker

This week is for the coffee maker. I’m no expert on how to clean coffee makers so I’ll give you a link to an article on how to clean a coffee maker instead: How to Clean a Coffee Maker for Faster, Better Coffee. As for myself I may follow the instructions given in this article or I may just buy a new coffee maker because ours is quite old and I would feel happier with a fresh, clean new coffee maker, I’ve yet to decide.


Link to the post with information about the purpose of this weekly calendar of areas to disinfect: Starting a Little Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect.

Starting a Little Weekly Calendar of Areas to Disinfect

I’m basing the weekly tasks off of the list that I had posted before (link here), which I based on another article The Nine Dirtiest Spots in Your Home. This is as much for myself as for you reader, I’ll just try to post a weekly task to be disinfected around the home with the purpose of lessening the amount of germs hanging around the home so that hopefully all our families would in turn suffer from less sick days as a byproduct of the disinfecting routine. I know that the blogger Fly Lady does something similar but with weekly/daily cleaning tasks, mine will rather focus on keeping the most germy areas of the home a little less germy.

The purpose of it being weekly is because we all have different schedules and having a weekly schedule makes it easier to fit in a time for the task in a way that suits each of us.

Week 1:

Kitchen: Dish sponges/rags/bushes, cutting boards, and the kitchen sink

How I might go about this task: start with a general scrub/wipe-down/rinse of the kitchen sink, then boil up some hot water. Plug the sink with the stopper to hold the boiled water, pour a small amount of bleach for disinfecting, add the sponges, rags, and brushes to the water to allow them to be disinfected as well. After the water has had a moment to cool down, let the water empty back down the drain and do a second scrub/wipe-down/rinse of the sink with the use of the cleaned kitchen brushes, a little dish soap, and water. Last, plug and refill the sink once more with hot water, a little soap, and a small capful of bleach (alternatively can pour some lemon juice and/or vinegar if you want to go a more green/eco friendly route) then soak all the cutting boards in this mixture as long as desired, let the sink empty, rinse the boards and the disinfected area for the week is done.


I meant for the first week to be started on the Sunday that’s coming up, but I wanted to put this post up early for the purpose of being able to use it as a link when I post the rest of the disinfecting areas in the weeks to come.

Personal Nursing Work “Pen Pouch” Essentials

…Or the Restocking and Re-evaluating My Work “Pen Pouch” Post.


As a nurse I always need to carry around something to write with and an array of other such supplies with me while I’m at work in order to maintain my basic level of functioning and it so happened that I kept putting off restocking this “pen pouch” that I keep with me up until now. I’ve stayed prepared with regard to keeping a stockpile of my necessities at home, but have failed to replace two of my used up items for the past three days until now, so I figured that I’d take this opportunity to share my “essentials” for my workplace “pen pouch”, much like the well remember pencil cases in school, I still carry a “grown-up” version of this now and I’ll share with you my present day arsenal of supplies.

  1. The handy-dandy drawstring pouch: this pouch keeps my whole arsenal of items together in one place, it started out as a little light blue Korean Air toiletries bag that I’d reused for the same purpose and used to the end of it’s tattered life till I needed to find a new bag to replace it with, which I ended up finding in the party favor bag section at Target (comes in a set of 3), not the best material, but serves its purpose. What makes the drawstring bag so nice to me is that it keeps every item facing up in my pocket, keeps it organized, and keeps it from falling out while I work.
  2. Body shop lotion (happens to be an almost empty British Rose this time): fits well in my pouch and isn’t a sticky sort of consistency for lotion. Originally I never carried lotion, I imagined it carried to many germs and often still do, but my parched, dry hands as a nurse always needing to constantly wash my hands doesn’t give me much choice since the alternative is to let my hands get dry, cracked, and bleed instead, so the choice is quite easy. Also this lotion doesn’t happen to be my favorite from that shop, that’s part of why I use it since I don’t want to run out of my favorites so quickly, but my coworkers love the smell, so all the same.
  3. Lip moisturizer: I keep this on hand in case my lips get too dry, as a nurse there are days that I get so busy that I hardly drink water or don’t drink at all (rare with this, but it has happened) and my lips feel the effect of this deprivation for sure and so this is yet another item that I imagine to be crawling with bacteria, but I use it in those moments of desperation when my lips feel too parched. It so happens to be Burt’s Bees this time, not my favorite, but I’m trying to use up my existing lip moisturizers in the meantime to avoid being wasteful.
  4. Dry erase marker: I like this one in particular because it’s clear and so I know exactly when it’s start to run low as a kind of warning “low battery” type of comparison except in pen form. I need this item for work to keep the patient’s boards updated (this is the first of the two replacement products that I mention).
  5. Permanent marker: this is a semi-multipurpose item used for a variety of labeling purposes at work (from dressings to IV bags, etc.) (which accounts for my second replacement item).
  6. Scissors: another basic necessity (from cutting gauze to various dressings, koban, medications such as Lidocaine patches, etc.).
  7. Pen: this one is from the Muji store and I believe has six colors (I’ve used up the black ink and have also broken its end piece at this point), but I still like this pen quite a bit in part for the colors/how it writes, but mainly because it’s permanent for official documents and has a large grip for my patients to hold since many of them are elderly or have suffered from strokes and so their dexterity is often poor and the larger size of the pen helps them to write/sign.
  8. Erasable frixion pen: this along with the pouch that holds my items is likely my favorite thing. It’s the best erasable pen I’ve ever tried, I’ve already run out of two and I’m on my third. It’s just so convenient for me. I don’t want to use pencil because I know I’ll make a mess of it and I feel a little less professional not using a pen of some form, also it erases a million times better than other “erasable” pens I’ve tried in the past and rarely smudges either. It allows me to make changes on my report sheet without making it look like a complete and total mess with scribbles and x’s left and right. It’s certainly raised many eyebrows among my coworkers and certainly did for me when I first saw someone using it.
  9. Highlighter: rarely used items, I could probably live without it, but is occasionally utilized for me to keep track of things, but I must say I’m using it even less now that I have my erasable pens.
  10. Pen light: absolute neuroscience nurse essential, my workplace even supplies us with extras in the med room because it’s so often used on our unit to assess patients. So always a pen light as well.