Category: Dreams

Dream March 26, 2019

I like remembering dreams sometimes. I thought the dream I had last night was quite worth remembering. In the dream I was off on vacation with my family and it was almost like a bed and breakfast sort of place that I went to. I was exploring the property and found a barn with a horse close to escaping the stall, she was a dark brown horse and for some reason I could understand her. She wanted me to go to her foals and pointed me in the right direction. She wanted me to save them and as I was leaving the stall another voice whispered to me “It’s too late”. I didn’t understand what the voice had meant. When I went to where she wanted me to go I found her four foals, they had the same coat as their mother, and I saw that they were stuck in the mud and unable to break free. I helped pull the first two out, the third seemed tired, but came out as well. The last was deeply covered in mud but I could still hear it breathing. I went to the last foal to try to save it as well, but then woke up at this point. I think that this is the first time I’ve dreamed of horses.