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The small and simple changes that result in a lifetime of improvement.

Mini Miracle Morning

imageI’m basing this post off of Hal Erod’s concept of the “Miracle Morning” entailing six steps to get the most out of one’s day on the basis of starting off on the best foot possible first thing in the morning.

There’s an acronym that’s used in order to remember what these six steps are and it is: SAVERS







I feel like for myself affirmations and scribing come almost second nature. I have a board in my room where I have an affirmation at any given point in time and it changes with my mood, at this point in time it says “Start before you’re ready”. Also with regard to scribing I having notebooks lying about every which way and this blog is almost simply another extension of this. The only issue with the “Miracle Morning” bit is that these activities aren’t necessarily isolated to mornings for myself.

As for the remainder of the acronym the reason why I’ve entitled this post a “Mini Miracle Morning” is because I’m only considering adopting two more of the six as of now. Those being: reading and exercise, reading I do often enough, but I don’t necessarily start off my day doing so and as for exercise I’m definitely slacking in this department.

As for the last two of the six, perhaps I have to learn them still or perhaps they’re already second nature? I’m not sure which is more true, after all my whole life seems to be me jumping back and forth between reality and daydreams (would this count as my visualization?) and I’m told so often by so many people that I’m very calm perhaps I already seek out enough of this silence to find general peace? Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding his point as I’ve not read his book, but if you’d like a quick visual of the gist of his concept this post has a nice visual of it: Start Your Day Off Right with the SAVERS Morning Routine.


New Habit Every 3-4 Months

Sometimes I start to get frustrated when I try to make a change or start a new habit but end up turning around and going right back to where I started and end up undoing the new budding habit I’d been forming all over again. I’m tired of this theme so I’m going to make a new one. Instead of jumping from one new change to the next in short and unsuccessful bursts I plan to intend do this instead: form one new habit every 3-4 months. The purpose of this time frame is to give myself some room for error, this way I’ll be giving myself a chance to fail and get back on the horse again and I will have adequate time not to overwhelm myself with too many goals at once. As an added bonus I can also try to make one big change to help someone close to me every two months at most and less often if I so choose as well.