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I’m writing this post to say that for now I won’t be doing the weekly disinfecting bit. It’s given me a feeling of restriction, it’s not to say that I may not continue with such posts. It might also mean that I might delete the weekly disinfecting posts at some point in time so that I don’t even need to think about it, but I’m just putting this out there.

I’m also going to start working on something else for myself outside of this blog, which might mean that I’ll have a little less time to dedicate to writing here. I intend to keep my blog, but there’s a chance that I may be less active on it, we shall see.

New Habit Every 3-4 Months

Sometimes I start to get frustrated when I try to make a change or start a new habit but end up turning around and going right back to where I started and end up undoing the new budding habit I’d been forming all over again. I’m tired of this theme so I’m going to make a new one. Instead of jumping from one new change to the next in short and unsuccessful bursts I plan to intend do this instead: form one new habit every 3-4 months. The purpose of this time frame is to give myself some room for error, this way I’ll be giving myself a chance to fail and get back on the horse again and I will have adequate time not to overwhelm myself with too many goals at once. As an added bonus I can also try to make one big change to help someone close to me every two months at most and less often if I so choose as well.