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Revisiting the KonMari Method and the Art of Discarding

I’ve read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up 3 times already and followed most of its advice in the past, but I never really completed my journey and would like to, so I’m returning to my discarding and organization journey once again.


These are three of the dresses I’ll be getting rid of. The middle one is much harder to let go of than the other two. One of my great aunts’ who has Alzheimer’s now had helped me choose it years ago and so that dress holds a soft spot in my heart, but I don’t necessarily want to wear it anymore.


For now I’m getting rid of six tops. I don’t imagine I’ll ever wear the shirt on the far left, I dislike the cut of the arms of the other two tops, and the pink floral one is a top I got a number of compliments on in the past, but I just don’t like it very much.


For these three, it’s just two t-shirts and a floral top. The floral top is another shirt I got a good number of compliments on, but I dislike the fabric and find the straps to be too narrow when it comes to bras.


The last two items for now is a trench coat and this book that I’d intended to give to someone as a gift, but the time has passed at this time for that, so I’ll just get rid of it.