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Dream March 26, 2019

I like remembering dreams sometimes. I thought the dream I had last night was quite worth remembering. In the dream I was off on vacation with my family and it was almost like a bed and breakfast sort of place that I went to. I was exploring the property and found a barn with a horse close to escaping the stall, she was a dark brown horse and for some reason I could understand her. She wanted me to go to her foals and pointed me in the right direction. She wanted me to save them and as I was leaving the stall another voice whispered to me “It’s too late”. I didn’t understand what the voice had meant. When I went to where she wanted me to go I found her four foals, they had the same coat as their mother, and I saw that they were stuck in the mud and unable to break free. I helped pull the first two out, the third seemed tired, but came out as well. The last was deeply covered in mud but I could still hear it breathing. I went to the last foal to try to save it as well, but then woke up at this point. I think that this is the first time I’ve dreamed of horses.

Work for Myself 8 hours Each Month

So I have four big personal goals that I’d like to achieve in some near future and they are: to get my ASN to BSN, go back to school to take Environmental Science, write a children’s book, and write a novel.

In my very first blog post I wrote that I expected this year to be a very boring year because of one main reason: I thought that there was little to no chance of me to be able to work towards achieving these goals, but that doesn’t sit too well with me, so instead I’ve been thinking, “How can I find some small way of making progress towards achieving my dreams?” I’ve decided this: I can’t work on the educational goals just yet because I haven’t decided on a school, I’m planning to go part time (yet I’m still full time), and I’d like to save some money first. Next I’ve decided that I can’t work on my novel just yet because it will take up too much time and energy at this point in time since I’m at a bit of a writers block at 30,000 words and have had such a long hiatus since I’d last written that I can’t trust myself at this time to remember all that I’ve written and must reread my work all over again before I can even pick up where I left off. So that leaves me with my children’s book idea.

I choose this because it mostly just requires that I sit and work on my illustrations every once in a while since the illustrations make up the bulk of my project. The picture I’ve posted is one of these illustrations that I’ve made.

The reason why I’ve titled my post “Work for Myself 8 hours Each Month” is that I’ve decided: I practically devote 182 hours to my job each month, why shouldn’t I at least devote a traditional 8 hour work day to my own dreams? I’m working for someone else’s dreams day in and day out by working for a company, I should at least take some time to work for myself as well. Also I plan to do so in increments, likely in 2 hour increments over 4 off days each month with the chosen days to be determined by me from month to month.

So I’ll see how this works out, so many of us spend so much of our time working for other people that sometimes our own dreams get set aside on the back burner and we always run the risks of never going back and pursuing those dreams if we’re not careful, so this is my attempt at beginning to reclaim my own dreams.