Tag: Rules

Rule #4: Complain Only Every Other Day

So yesterday when I had breakfast with some of my coworkers I noticed myself complain more than I’d like to see myself complaining, we were all collectively complaining (ex. about people who were rude) and most of our discussions involved good and valid points…but still, I didn’t like seeing myself complain as much as I did. I thought it was unattractive of me to do so. The reason is in part because I reminded myself of one of my least favorite people and didn’t like having that person reflected in myself. I think complaining has its place in this world and can even connect people. Change happens when people think things can be better than they are, that’s why I’m only being allowed to express complaints every other day. On some days one has to allow the world to be as it is and seek out peace, whereas other days one can see the world for what it is and unapologetically seek to change it. This rule is to help me seek out more peace and more self-contentment while not changing who I am or the things I stand for. I’m not sure yet when I’ll first enact my rule for myself, I’m afraid of failing to follow my own rule, but hopefully very soon.

Rule #3: Blog No Longer than 1 Hour Each Day

I’m taking to liking blogging a good bit. I do enjoy it more than I imagined I would and this is the point of my rule #3, to set limits for myself. Just as I don’t like to overdo social media, I’d also prefer to keep myself from overdoing this as well. This is more of a general guideline for myself of more-or-less spending no longer than one hour each day blogging, seeing to it that an hour is a relatively adequate amount of time to write. I’ve broken this rule already, but then again I’ve just made it at this moment so I’m not sure that it would even really count. It will count tomorrow though and henceforth.

Rule #2: Buy Comfortable Shoes

Maybe I’ll be seen as boring for making this rule for myself, but my second rule for myself is to buy only comfortable shoes, the reason being that: I’d rather have happy feet that will last me many years to come rather than suffer in my later age with things like plantar fasciitis. I’d rather look imperfect in the shoes I wear today and be able to run and jump and be pain free tomorrow. Some shoes allow us to meet in the middle and manage to serve both form and function, so it isn’t to say that I can only buy unattractive shoes, all the shoes I buy can look nice as long as they’re also comfortable. I’m not going to force myself to go out and replace all my shoes all at once, but rather to keep this rule in mind each time I’m ready to buy new ones. So for shoes: function before aesthetic. So converse, my old friend, so long you attractive but poorly supported shoe and no more hard soles or overly high heels for me either (at least none of the high heels with the steep angles that arch my foot too much).

Rule #1: Restriction of Clothing Purchases

Don’t buy any new clothes until clothes that have been selected to go to donation have been donated and until any other existing new clothing purchases have been washed and stored. When there’s no longer clothes left to be sent to donation and when all new clothes have been washed and stored it’s okay to make new clothing purchases again.