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Book Review of Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

IMG_1813.jpgI always feel hesitant to write reviews on my favorite books because I feel like I won’t do them the justice that they deserve, but I feel like trying is still better than not doing it at all. I’ve decided to review this book at this point in time once again to write the review within season, since this book has very much a winter setting to it.

Spinning Silver is just as good as Uprooted to me. Each book is great in its own unique way and each book is a stand alone book with roots in Russian fairy tales. Spinning Silver in particular is a sort of a modern day retelling of the story of Rumplestiltskin. I’m not interested in giving away too much of its plot line, if you happen to want to read this book I want you to be able to savor it and let it unfold for yourself.

What I’d rather do is tell you some of the things that I enjoyed about reading this book:

1.) There are many strong leading female characters that are self-reliant, intelligent, and that don’t rely solely on beauty to carry them through life.

2.) There is a very interesting abandoned house in the story where a witch (quite likely Baba Yaga) once lived and it is almost a character in and of itself. What makes this house so interesting to me is that two people can be staying at the house simultaneously and never notice each other’s presence save for little things being changed around the house: some eaten food here, some new foods there, some sewing completed more than the last time it was picked up by a character, or a chair moved from its prior place the night before, strange little things as these. I loved this concept from the book and probably could sit and read a book all about a house like this.

3.) I love that the character Miryem was able to harden herself and enable herself to pull her family out of poverty as well as improve their overall situation and find creative ways all along the book to get herself out of a difficult situations.

4.) There are many cozy little touches in the book of warm food and gathering beside the fireside that make me want to dive right into the winter world that Naomi Novik painted for her readers.

5.) I know there are many more things, but I’m not trying to give too much away and maybe I’m even simply forgetting some of the other things that I loved about this book, but either way I think I’ll stop here in my review.

And with whatever books you happen to decide to pick up and read, happy readings fellow readers.